The SAR-CBC team combines expertise in the fields of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data processing analysis, educational design, cloud computing, and remote sensing capacity building. Our team is able to fully support trainings, webinars, and materials in both English and Spanish to reach a broad audience of SAR-interested practitioners and decision-makers. The team members with their contributions to the project are listed below:

University of Alaska Fairbanks & Alaska Satellite Facility — Expertise in SAR data processing, SAR education, and cloud processing

Team photo of Franz MeyerFranz J Meyer

Franz is The Professor for Remote Sensing at UAF, Chief Scientist of the Alaska Satellite Facility, and a SAR-CBC Instructor. He is the SAR-CBC Principal Investigator, and has contributed his many years of experience in SAR Data Processing and Capacity Building to this project.

Simon Zwieback

Simon is a Postdoctoral Researcher at UAF with expertise in Radar Remote Sensing of Ecosystems and Hydrology.

Eric Lundell

Eric is a Software Developer at the Alaska Satellite Facility and is building the computational back end that all of SAR-CBC relies on.

Kim Fairbanks

Kim is a software developer at the Alaska Satellite Facility and supports the SAR-CBC web portal with her web development and design skills.

Alex Lewandowski

Alex is a software developer at the Alaska Satellite Facility working to expand, maintain, and provide user support for a growing collection of SAR processing Jupyter Notebooks for SAR-CBC.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory — SAR & SAR training expertise, integration with NISAR

Paul A Rosen

Paul is a renowned SAR Expert and the Project Scientist of the upcoming NASA/ISRO spaceborne SAR mission NISAR. He contributes his expertise to the creation of SAR-CBC curricula and helps with the integration of SAR-CBC with other NISAR-related efforts.

Susan Owen

Susan is the Discipline Program Manager for Soild Earth Science at JPL and PI of the Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) project. Sue supports the development of SAR-CBC curricula and contributes her multi-year experience with the application-oriented SAR user community.

University of Alabama Huntsville & NASA SERVIR — Educational design, remote sensing capacity building, bilingual support, outcome metrics, in-region expertise

Robert Griffin

Robert is an Assistant Professor at UAH. As an applied Earth scientist and remote sensing specialist, he coordinates all activities of the UAH team. He is responsible for QA/QC of all developed curricula and supports communications with in-region partners.

Photo of Africa Flores
Africa Flores

Africa is a Research Scientist at UAH and a SAR-CBC Instructor. Africa is SERVIR-Amazonia Regional Science Coordination Lead. She assists in the development of training materials, and leads the translation of SAR-CBC materials into Spanish.

Eric Anderson

Eric is a Research Scientist at UAH and a SAR-CBC Instructor. Eric is NASA/SERVIR-Mekong Science Coordination Lead, and Water & Disasters Theme Lead. He is the main contact to the SERVIR program. He assists the PI in material development and their translation to Spanish. He leads communications with in-region partners.

Emil Cherrington

Emil is a Research Scientist at UAH and a SAR-CBC Instructor. He is the main contact to the SERVIR program. He contributes his expertise and boundless energy to the development of training materials and their translation into Spanish.

Vanesa Martin

Vanesa Martin is a research associate with the Earth Systems Science Center at UAH. She assists with the coordination of educational efforts and training with Latin American partner organizations.