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Welcome to SAR-CBC

Satellite-based radar remote sensing is a rapidly developing technology used for monitoring the Earth’s surface under all weather and illumination conditions. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors have the ability to consistently map the Earth environment, easily identify changes, and track deformations with high precision across large areas and over long time scales.

SAR-CBC is a capacity building center for the use of SAR in decision-making situations. It is intended to provide targeted educational material as well as webinars and on-site trainings that build capacity in the use of SAR-based Earth observation data in decisions-making situations, specifically, decision-making related to the four main AmeriGEOSS Social Benefit Areas Disaster Resilience, Agriculture Monitoring, Water Resource Management, and Ecosystem Sustainability.

Through the SAR-CBC portal you will have access to all educational material, will be able to complete online certificate programs, and will find all relevant information on upcoming webinars and on-site trainings.


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Accessing Our Educational Materials

You can gain access to all available free-and-open training materials and online certificate programs through this LearnSAR portal. Information on in-person trainings and past and upcoming webinars is regularly updates. Online trainings and certificate programs are managed through edX, an online educational platform delivering university-level courses to a worldwide student body. Registration to SAR-CBC courses on edX is completely free. More information on available classes can be found in the Online training section of this website.

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